With over two decades of experience in the legal field, S.R. Law firm offers professional advice for all complex legal matters. Our team of supportive and experienced lawyers comes from various fields of expertise, Including Civil Law, Criminal Law, Arbitration, Corporate, Matrimonial Dispute, real estate, Labour law. 

We are dedicated to providing expert advice and excellent legal services. We have represented some of Delhi's most elite businesses and Government organization, Public Sector Undertaking in the past. The fierce determination to provide the best for our clients comes from a profound client driven service approach - we make no mistakes and aim to carve a niche for ourselves in the legal services field. 

Adopting our unwavering approach to championing our

clients' cause, our principal lawyer Ms Shobha Gupta is feisty and upholds a pioneering approach to obtaining desirable outcomes for our clients. 

An innovative and forward thinking law firm with a fresh approach to problem solving, that is what makes us different.

The team of distinguished lawyers takes a critical thinking approach to embody a passionate, dedicated entrepreneurial legal service ethic. Offering the highest standard of knowledge and experience, we are committed to understanding each client's complexities to provide a targeted approach.